Hanging Bridges of Costa Rica

Love bridges? Do you know about the hanging bridges of Costa Rica? Some travelers focus on visiting certain places all over the world with a goal of seeing something in particular, and wanting to see some of the world’s greatest bridges has become quite the popular pursuit for many bridge enthusiasts. While these impressive structures come in all shapes and sizes, hanging bridges are a top destination this year for those who have a passion for bridges.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers the rain forest adventure many travelers are wanting these days. The lush green forests, the tropical birds singing loudly for all to hear and the diverse wildlife that can be found in Costa Rica all make for quite the unique vacation experience! Because Costa Rica has a variety of really cool hanging bridges that allow vacationers to explore everything Costa Rica has to offer up close and personal simply makes this a bucket list destination for bridge lovers.

Hanging Bridges

Hanging bridges, also known as suspension bridges, are one of the absolute best ways to explore Costa Rican nature. These hanging bridges are built high up in both the cloud forests and rain forests that Costa Rica is so well known for, making it so vacationers have choices. The views seen from a hanging bridge are like no other, and because there are many trails in between the bridges travelers have many options when it comes to exploring the lush forests in Costa Rica.

While there are many hanging bridges in Costa Rica to see, there are a few hanging bridges that tend to be more popular amongst bridge lovers.

Best Hanging Bridges of Costa Rica

Costa Rican hanging bridges come in different lengths and different heights giving vacationers a variety of perspectives. The best hanging bridges are ones that offer the best views of Costa Rica and its lush forests, allowing vacationers to see a wide variety of wildlife. Formal tours and self-guided tours are both available when exploring hanging bridges in Costa Rica. The below list is of some of the best Costa Rica hanging bridge parks, making them a must see for all bridge enthusiasts.


  • Mistico Hanging Bridges in La Fortuna aka Arenal Hanging Bridges
  • Selvatura Hanging Bridges in Monteverde
  • San Luis Hanging Bridges
  • Heliconias Hanging Bridges
  • Los Campesinos Hanging Bridges


Costa Rica hanging bridges tours – self-guided or formal – should be on every bridge lovers bucket list!

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