Glacier Kayaking in Canada’s Coast Mountains

Looking for your next extreme adventure? How does kayaking down a glacier sound? Come springtime, frozen glacial lakes begin to thaw along the Glacial Lake shoreline. These gorgeous aquamarine waters are a sight to see, beckoning adventure seekers to the area so they can participate in an adventure of a lifetime – Glacier Kayaking.

Canada’s Coast Mountains

Canada’s Coast Mountains are part of North America’s Pacific Coast Ranges, with many of the peaks exceeding 11,000 feet. They start in the Southwestern Yukon area and continue through the Alaska Panhandle, covering most of the coast of British Columbia. The rugged slopes offer breathtaking views, as high annual rainfalls also make for a lush, green forest.

Every year, thousands of adventure seekers travel to Canada’s Coast Mountains so they can stay at one of the many ski resorts, which allows them to enjoy days and even weeks of skiing the beautiful mountainsides. Now they can also choose to kayak in a glacier, and who doesn’t want to add that to their resume?

Glacier Kayaking

The best time to go glacier kayaking down Canada’s Coast Mountains is during the last part of July all the way through September. This is the time when the glacial lakes begin to thaw, allowing for waterway adventures that can simply be found nowhere else. In order for adventure seekers to get access to the area they must book a tour, which accommodates four people and includes a helicopter ride to the area. The views from the helicopter are absolutely spectacular, and include waterfalls, wildlife, and forever changing natural landscapes.

Upon arrival, adventure seekers get a full 4 hours of extreme kayaking fun! (Paddle boarding is also available.) While adventure seekers are more than welcome to kayak or paddle board the entire 4 hours, they can also choose to explore nearby waterfalls, the flora and fauna, and even really cool ice caves.

Because the area undergoes so many changes during the 10 weeks or so it’s available for kayaking, adventure seekers should consider coming at different times in order to fully experience all of the natural, seasonal changes that occur here.

Good to Know

All ages are welcome to go Glacier Kayaking in Canada’s Coast Mountains. Even those who have never kayaked before can participate in Glacier Kayaking. All guides have been specially trained to take adventure seekers to the area, and for that reason carefully listening to their safety briefings is a must.


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Glacier Kayaking in Canada’s Coast Mountains