Dos and Don’ts for High Tea in London


Would you care for a spot of tea my dear? If so then, take heed these dos and don’t when having High Tea in London.

Do: Wear un-scuffed shoes, nice slacks (guys) or a lovely dress (girls).

Don’t: Wear sneakers or shorts. It’s unsightly darling.

Do: Do expect more than just tea. In northern England High Tea can consist of tea with cold cuts, pies, bread/biscuits or scones and cakes or a trifle. There are usually jams and clotted cream as well. Some establishments will also serve small sandwiches too. The various hotels and restaurants each have their own take on High Tea.

Don’t: Stick your pinky out or up while drinking your tea. Long portrayed as what to do while having tea, it is in fact a common misconception that will have you pegged as a tourist faster than you can say “may I have a biscuit please?”

Do: Allow your tea to brew for three to six minutes. The longer you allow it to brew the stronger it will be and sometimes the more bitter it will taste depending on the tea being served.

Don’t: Stir your tea incorrectly in the cup. That is while stirring do not allow your spoon to “clink” the sides of the cup. Also, never leave your spoon in the cup. Instead place it on the saucer to the side of your cup prior to taking a sip.

Do: At least try the clotted cream.

Don’t: Be rude if you don’t like the flavor. For some people clotted cream is an acquired taste, and for others they simply do not like it. Your best bet is to try just a little bit on a small piece of your bread or scone and if you don’t care for it simply don’t add any more.

Do: Use a spoon or tongs if provided to retrieve your sugar cubes.

Don’t: Use your fingers!


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