Cave of the Winds

Planning a trip to Colorado? Enjoy exploring caves? Then visiting the Cave of the Winds is a definite must! Cave of the Winds Mountain Park is located in Manitou Springs, Colorado, where these impressive caves were only discovered about 150 years ago. The Park is now a leader when it comes to preserving caves, and spends a lot of time educating others in everything there is to know about caves.

Because there are many things to do when visiting this popular cave system in Colorado, all ages are welcome.

Cave of the Winds

Cave of the Winds is the perfect place to visit for those who love adventure. Whether someone is simply interested in learning more about the underground world of caves or is already an experienced caver, the opportunity to participate in one or more of the tours available is available to all. When signing up for a cave tour, all participants are well informed on what to expect, as safety is definitely a top focus. Respecting the caves is also important as it allows the underground ecosystem to continue as it should.

Below Ground Cave Tours

There are different types of cave tours available. From educational walking tours that are perfect for families, to a deeper exploration that requires lanterns and includes folklore stories, to climbing and crawling through undeveloped caves sections, there’s a perfect cave tour available for every visitor.


  • Discovery Tour
  • Lantern Tour
  • Caving 101


Above Ground Fun!

There’s a variety of packages that can be purchased for families or individuals that allow for an entire day of fun when visiting the Cave of the Winds – Pioneer Package, Explorer Package, Mountain Man Package. Each activity can be purchased and enjoyed separately, too. Visitors can choose to climb up the mountainside, participate in a 3-story obstacle course, pan for gemstones, visit the nature center to learn more about caves, figure out how to get out of an escape room, and shop for some really cool cave souvenirs.

A list of above ground activities to do when visiting the Cave of the Winds.

Via Ferrata Canyon Tours

Panning for Gemstones

Josephine Snider Nature Center

Magic Lantern Virtual Reality Theatre


Wind Walker Challenge Course

Cliff Hanger Climbing Wall


Escape Rooms


Visitors who are wanting to spend more time at Cave of the Winds Mountain Park can choose to stay at one of the many local hotels or campgrounds located near the Park.

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