Cascate del Mulino, Italy: Natural Hot Springs

Planning on taking your next vacation in Italy? Great idea! Italy is a place that offers travelers a truly unforgettable traveling experience. Italy has a lot of historical significance, offers some of the most exquisite cuisine, some of the most gorgeous landscapes, and the people who live there are extremely inviting and accommodating. There are even wellness opportunities available in Italy, making it one of the more diverse vacation destinations. What more can one ask for?

Cascate del Mulino, Italy

Cascate del Mulino is a small Italian town that needs to be on everyone’s bucket list. Many people choose to travel to this area specifically for the natural hot springs that can be found here. Located just enough off the beaten path means that vacationers can expect this hot spring location to be one that’s not too crowded, which is what most vacationers are looking for nowadays.

Natural Hot Springs

The natural hot springs found in Cascate del Mulino are impressive! Located very close to the town of Saturnia, the waterfalls found here have been pouring into the natural pools of hot water for hundreds of years, naturally carving the rocks into what they are today. Saturnia is a town that easily reminds one of Italy’s past, with its many views of castle ruins and medieval walls.

Also known as thermal baths, the temperature of the waters tend to stay right around 99°, a perfect temperature for resting and relaxation. The waters are rich with sulfur and thermal plankton, of which both are said to help with a variety of health issues. And there is no charge for those wanting to enjoy relaxing in these natural pools of warm water, making this a great option for travelers operating on a budget.

Visitors will often stay the day and will need to bring a bathing suit, towels and flip flops. Comfortable sitting chairs are recommended. There’s a nearby place to buy snacks and sandwiches, or visitors are welcome to bring their own packed lunch.

Vacationers who are wanting to spend more than one day enjoying these natural hot springs in Italy can book a room at one of the many hotels in the area – Terme di Saturnia and Golf Resort, Poggio degli Olivi Country House, Hotel Villa Clodia are just a few examples.

The hot springs are so inviting that even the locals come to enjoy them on a regular basis!

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Cascate del Mulino, Italy: Natural Hot Springs