Cambodia Culture

Currently planning your next trip to the beautiful country of Cambodia? While some people may think that Cambodia isn’t a top destination, it really is. Especially for those who enjoy visiting countries with the purpose of exploring their rich culture and customs. While many people enjoy traveling to places to see certain landmarks and partake in certain activities, there are some who enjoyed traveling with a goal of meeting the people who live there, and learning about their traditions, customs and cultures.

Cambodia Culture

Cambodian people are gentle in nature. They are kind and considerate, and tend to always have a smile on their face. They always put family first and enjoy creating a number of celebrations throughout the year where families can come together to rejoice on certain holidays, like Khmer New Year. The reason behind the fact that Cambodians are so friendly and welcoming is believed to be because the country is a deep Buddhist country.

It’s estimated that 97% of the Cambodian population practices Buddhism, which includes both older and younger generations. Many monks can be seen in Cambodia. One of their religious practices includes going door to door asking for food donations, a ritual that has been in place for hundreds of years. Cambodians live a traditional religious life, which may surprise some people as they also tend to be quite superstitious. Cambodians believe in heaven, hell and reincarnation.

Cambodians place a large focus on arts and humanities, including literature, graphic arts and performance arts. They also love to throw a good party, which can last anywhere from one day to five days! No matter whether the occasion is a wedding, an anniversary, a funeral or some other type of special occasion, Cambodians love to throw extravagant parties. Cambodian parties start early in the morning and last until late at night, and includes lots of loud music, lots of singing and lots of food for everyone to enjoy.

The food culture in Cambodia revolves around fish, rice and raw vegetables. The Cambodian people are more than happy to share their food with others, even offering parts of their snacks or meals to those passing by. Some of the more popular Cambodian dishes include Fish amok, Kuy teav, Beef loc lac, chicken and banana flower salad, green mango salad, stir fried crab and pepper, pork and rice, Khmer curry and Prahok.

Cambodians are very proud of their history as well as their culture, which is quite unique and therefore a top reason why so many people choose to explore Cambodia when wanting to explore a country’s culture.

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