Bachelor Parties


Don’t worry bachelors! We didn’t forget about you when we wrote our post about bachelorette parties, we just knew that women always get their parties and gifts first. In fact, this is just a good lesson for when you are married, but back to the real reason you’re here. Without further adieu, here are a few places to consider for your bachelor party:

Beer tastings and pub crawls– What better way to prepare to say I do than to get completely sloshed before taking the plunge? Imagine a pub crawl on Bourbon Street in New Orleans or Duval Street in Key West. There are also whisky and tequila tastings if beer isn’t your thing!

Hunting or fishing trips- For some guys there is nothing more appealing than a weekend away from their significant others to just get in touch with nature and get that perfect catch of the day. Add to this camping and hiking and you have yourselves the making of an adventure packed getaway!

Vegas baby! It goes without saying that Vegas is just as much fun for guys as it is for girls, albeit different kinds of fun. All-you-can-eat buffets, cabaret shows and the chance to meet lady luck in card games and slot machines… Just make sure you don’t blow all the wedding money trying to meet her!

Go abroad- Some of the most popular destinations abroad for bachelor parties include Montreal, Amsterdam, Bangkok and Munich. From intense strip clubs to cheap liquor that flows all night these destinations are known for keeping the party going from dusk until dawn.

A word of caution though, regardless of where in the world you opt to take part in a night or several nights of drunkenness before saying “I do”, make sure you schedule your party at least a few days to a week before the wedding. The last thing you want is to be hung over or worse at your wedding!

Now, I want to hear from you- where was the best bachelor party you ever attended?

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