Aurora Borealis in Norway

Thinking about taking your next trip to Norway so you can enjoy seeing the spectacular display of the Aurora Borealis? Also known as Northern Lights, many travelers have added viewing the Aurora Borealis and/or the Aurora Australis to their traveling bucket list. The difference in between the two is that the Aurora Borealis takes place in the northern hemisphere, and the Aurora Australis takes place in the southern hemisphere.

Aurora Borealis

The Aurora Borealis is often referred to as bright, dancing lights, as that’s exactly what this spectacular event looks like when taking place. The dancing lights occur when any number of electrically charged particles emitting from the sun reach the atmosphere of the earth. When these sun produced particles combine with certain particles in the earth’s atmosphere, the result is an auroral display that is absolutely breathtaking.

While pale green and pinks are the most common colors viewed, other colors include various tints and hues of red, yellow, green, blue, and violet.


Norway is one of the best places for travelers to witness the magic that occurs during an Aurora Borealis display. From the beginning of October and all the way through March, Norway experiences a lot of darkness, making it easier to see and thus enjoy this event. Some of the best locations to view the Aurora Borealis when in Norway include Lapland, Tromso, Senja, Alta, North Cape, Hammerfest and the Lofoten Islands.

Since each of these locations offer a slightly different experience, travelers are encouraged to learn more about these different locations in order to choose a location they will enjoy visiting the most.

Tours of the Aurora Borealis

Many travelers who choose to experience this phenomenon in Norway will base their entire vacation around this event, which means they will book accommodations in one of the many areas known for some of the best views of the Aurora Borealis. While travelers can definitely choose to travel on their own to witness the event, there are also a number of Norway tours that are specifically focused on providing travelers with views that will stay with them forever.

Some of the more popular tours include:

  • The Arctic Lights & Whales Group Tour, which includes guest house accommodations
  • The Arctic Experience Group Tour, which includes hotel accommodations
  • The Norway Winter & Northern Lights Group Tour, which includes hotel accommodations
  • The Chasing Northern Lights by Bus Group Tour, which does not include any accommodations

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