Amtrak’s Coast Starlight Rail from Los Angeles to Seattle

Who doesn’t love a fun railroad adventure? There are many modes of transportation travelers can choose to take nowadays, and railroad adventures are definitely one of the more enjoyable as traveling by train is seen as a relaxing yet fun way to get to where one needs to go. The Coast Starlight Rail has been traveling from Los Angeles to Seattle since Amtrak started and is therefore one of the first long-distance train treks to be placed into service.

Los Angeles to Seattle

The Coast Starlight Rail passes right through Santa Barbara, through the San Francisco Bay area, through Sacramento and then through Portland before stopping in its last location in Seattle. The reason why this train route is listed as one of the most spectacular train routes one can take is of course due to the remarkable views  that can be seen along this route. Passengers get to enjoy snow covered mountain peaks, lush green forests, fertile valleys where almond trees, strawberries, more are grown, and varying views of the Pacific Ocean shoreline as one travels further and further up north.

Amtrak’s Coast Starlight Rail

Amtrak’s Coast Starlight Rail from Los Angeles to Seattle is a fantastic west coast train adventure that everyone needs to take at last once in their lifetime. Traveling coach allows passengers plenty of comfortable seating and express meal service. Traveling business class allows passengers a dedicated car, free Wi-Fi, a credit for enjoying food and beverages while onboard or for an afternoon wine tasting, and free admission to the Los Angeles Metropolitan Lounge and the Portland Metropolitan Lounge.


  • The Lounge Car is an informal dining option that offers casual food choices, like sandwiches, pizza, snacks. They also offer a variety of beverage choices, including liquor. There’s plenty of room in the Lounge Car for groups to sit together and enjoy their meals, with many passengers even bringing a deck of cards or a game with them to play with others while enjoying their meals.
  • The Dining Car offers passengers full service meals, which are all prepared onboard by trained chefs. Passengers are required to make reservations for lunch and dinner when choosing to dine in the dining car, not breakfast.
  • Sleeper Car bedrooms are available and come in a variety of choices to fit passengers needs. Sleeper car attendants are available and can assist passengers with their luggage as well as answer any questions they may have.

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