Pack Light and Get Through Security Fast! – Travel Tips

Packing light and right can cut down on the most annoying part of traveling – dragging all that luggage through a packed airport. With some of these simple tips, you can free up space, pack much more efficiently, and sail through TSA and right up to your flight!

  1. Leave the toiletries at home.
  • While there may be some toiletries that you can live without, things like shampoo, toothpaste, and soap can usually be safely left at home. In all likelihood wherever you are staying, like a hotel, will provide them, and you don’t have to hassle with pulling them out when you go through security.
  1. Roll your (rollable) clothes and consolidate.
  • While this won’t work for dresses or suits, clothes like t-shirts, jeans, undergarments, and socks can all be rolled up and slotted neatly next to each other to conserve space. Place socks inside one another and stuff them in shoes, effectively packing two things into the same space! Remember, the tighter you roll those t-shirts, the more you can fit in your bag.
  1. Dress for and be ready for security!
  • Everyone knows to make sure that their phone and keys aren’t in their pockets before they go through security, but there’s always someone who forgets that they have their belt on. Avoid this by simply not wearing a belt! Wrap it around a carryon strap for easy access after you get through security. Wear easy to remove shoes like flats or sandals to make TSA a breeze.
  1. Leave some extra room.
  • For some reason there always seems to be less space in your suitcase when you’re packing to come home than when you left. This is probably the most difficult tip to follow, but by leaving just a little bit of extra space inside your suitcase when you leave, you’ll make sure that everything fits back inside it when you come back. There will be room for souvenirs and dirty clothes, and you won’t struggle to fit everything back inside!