5 Things to do in Princeville, Kauai

Ann 2 of 4 Nov 2015 - Princeville Area of Kauai

Princeville is on the north shore of Kauai and was originally intended to be the estate of Prince Albert, but it never came to pass. Today, this area is rich with hiking tours, kayaking, beaches and more. There are also 2,500 acres of cattle ranch, two golf courses and just a handful of resorts. If you’re visiting the Princeville area of Kauai, here are just a few things you can do while there:

Jungle Valley Adventures

Jungle Valley Adventures features exciting all in one activity tours that include: Walking to the Kalihiwai Stream where you will kayak through a rainforest ultimately ending up at the impressive Uluhe Fern Ridge. Here guests can choose to mount one of two 400 foot zip lines before ending at the swimming pool. The kayaking is appropriate for beginners and the hike is considered only moderately difficult. The day’s agenda will take approximately four and half hours from start to finish. Wear comfy shoes and prepare for a wild time.

Yell FORE! Hawaiian Style

Princeville has not one, but two championship golf courses available to the public. The fairways may be a bit challenging, but the views you will enjoy of the ocean as you golf are unmatched in beauty. This will be one of the most majestic feeling games you ever play.

Hit the Sparsely Populated Beaches

One benefit to there only being a few resorts is that there won’t be too many tourists causing overcrowding at the beaches. You’ll get to frolic and play on land and in sea without a lot of loud beach goers. And the stunning views from these cozy beaches certainly doesn’t hurt!

Horse Back Ride

Whether you’re a beginner or a true equestrian, Princeville Ranch has a horse you can ride. Take in views of valleys, oceans and mountains while learning about Paniolo Ranch and its history.


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