5 Things to do in London

Are you traveling to London soon? If so, odds are you’re going to be looking for a few things to see and do while you’re there. The good news is you’ll have plenty of options to choose from! Exploring the rich history, taking in the landmarks, we could almost write a book on the various activities you could do, but we’ve narrowed down the list to just 5 things you can consider while visiting the city. Check them out below and then leave us a comment with your favorite things to do in London.

  1. Tour the British Museum

The world famous British Museum ranks as one of the most visited attractions in London, with millions of visitors every year. Here you will find vast ancient galleries including Egyptian, Etruscan, Greek, Roman and Middle Eastern galleries. Among the must-sees here is the World Conservation and Exhibitions Center which has amazing exhibitions of the Vikings that give you an insight into the life of King Canute.

  1. Explore the Kyoto Garden

Holland Park boasts many great assets such as sports facilities and play areas, but it is also home to a remarkable hidden treasure – the Kyoto Garden. This traditionally designed garden was created as part of the Japan Festival held in the capital in 1992 and has unique water features as well as pretty Japanese plants. Make sure to check out the kopi carp and bridge found at foot of the waterfall. Kyoto is carefully tended to so that it retains its stunning look.

  1. Swim at Royal Victoria Dock

If you have an interest in swimming, then you must head to London’s Royal Docks! The setting here is pretty spectacular and you can even take advantage of swimming sessions that are customized for casual swimmers as well as individuals training for various competitive events. Each swimmer is issued a safety tag and there are lifeguards to watch over you in case you find yourself in water that is too deep for your comfort.

  1. See the city from the Coca-Cola London Eye

No list of things to do in London would be complete without a mention of the London Eye. At an astonishing 440 plus feet, the London Eye is easily the world’s tallest observation wheel and was the result of great design and engineering. It sits at the heart of London and is an important feature of the city’s skyline. Hop into one of the 32 capsules to get some of the best views of the city’s most famous landmarks in just 30 minutes! The spot is regarded as one of the top visitor experience in London.

  1. Catch Comic Mondays

Comic Mondays ─ a free comedy night─ is hosted at the bar in the Theatre Royal Stratford East and offers visitors the opportunity to see upcoming talents. Sessions here start at 8 p.m. and run late, with a full bill of hilarious stand-ups to make you laugh. And since you aren’t paying an entry fee, you will have some extra cash to buy a drink or two while you  enjoy the show.