10 Best Places to Visit in Canada

Vibrant, welcoming cities and an awe-inspiring scenery all make Canada one of the most popular tourist destinations. As North America’s largest country, Canada is a great land encompassing spectacular coastlines, majestic mountains, spacious prairies, Arctic tundra and virgin forests. While much of the country is of French and British descent, Canada is a home to a variety of multicultural communities. If you are thinking about taking a trip to Canada, below are the top 10 places you should consider for your vacation.


Montreal is synonymous with eclecticism. From the 17th century Old Montreal architecture to the Boulevard Saint Lauren, the English and French dialects to the popular party scenes, this city fits perfectly with a plethora of things that simply don’t seem like they fit together.


Vancouver is all the rage for outdoorsy and sports tourists. Wreck Beach strolls, Grouse Mountain skiing and picnics in Stanley Park -What more could you ask for?

Niagara Falls

Tourists flock here every year to see these remarkable falls that plunder over the 170 plus foot drop at speeds nearing 70 miles per hour.


This is the town for both the luxury traveler and the nature enthusiast. Fancy restaurants and even fancier spas sit amidst a gorgeous backdrop that is perfect for hiking or skiing.


Here you will find a medley of culture complete with cultural neighborhoods like Little India, Koreatown and Greektown. Without every leaving the city you can experience culture from around the world.

Tofino, British Colombia

Hang ten while surfing in Canada? Yep! Head to Tofino for some of the most exceptional surfing you can find anywhere.

Quebec City

Here you will find European charm in the 17th and 18th century buildings as well as several quaint eateries and places to people watch while sipping an espresso.


Looking for a laid back atmosphere with the ambiance of a small town? Ottawa has exactly what you need for the vacation you are hoping to have.


If adventures such as bungee jumping off bridges or snowboarding and skiing are your thing- this is the city you seek!

Victoria & Vancouver Island

While Québec City and Montreal honor Canadian French roots, Victoria on the other hand pays tribute to the nation’s British heritage. Many visit the city capital for an afternoon tea at the Empress or for a tour of the Canadian Parliament. Others tourists are interested in touring the island’s whale watching from its harbors and its wineries.

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