Tulip time in Holland Michigan

travel makers mdIf you think you have to hop a plane and head over to Europe to smell the tulips, think again. The Holland, Michigan area is home to almost five million of the beautiful flowers, planted all around the city and over 100,000 bulbs are planted each year at Windmill Island Gardens.

Tulip Time will be held from May 6 to 14th and celebrates the rich Dutch heritage and culture of the founders of Holland. The event is located on the shores of the beautiful Lake Macatawa and Lake Michigan. The eight-day event includes Dutch dances, baseball games, and a Trolley Tour. Sit back and relax as a Dutch-costumed guide host your trolley ride and narrates your tour down Tulip Lanes, Holland’s Historic District, city parks, and downtown.

There will also be a performance by The Holland Windmill Chorus, a 90-minute show which spoofs Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion. There is also an art show where 230 vendors will be displaying artwork and costumed local dancer will perform traditional Dutch dances that last approximately 5-15 minutes.

Some of the most popular parts of Tulip Time are the parades. There is a children’s parade, a music parade and a people’s parade. The Volksparade is led by thousands of locals dressed in Dutch costumes. They bring the Netherlands traditions to Holland, Michigan. They start by dancing at the beginning of the parade for the official Street Scrubbing. It’s definitely a sight to see. Here you will listen to the music, watch the floats go by and enjoy the Dutch Dance groups as they “Klomp” along the route in their wooden shoes.

Concluding the Festival’s parade series is one of Michigan’s most spectacular parades. Watch the fireworks and more dancers, more floats and more, more, more.  The entire event includes 4,000 participants, 170 units and the longest parade route in Michigan, the GMB Muziekparade delights thousands of spectators.

Bring your love of tulips to Holland, Michigan in May and enjoy Tulip Time. Ask your travel agent for help on planning your trip.

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