Things To Do With Kids in Amsterdam


Currently planning a trip to Amsterdam with one or more kids? Great location choice! The fact that Amsterdam is a kid-friendly city, means that many parents are choosing Amsterdam as their vacation destination these days. Ready to learn more about the city of Amsterdam, along with some of the more fun and exciting things for kids to do while visiting the beautiful city of Amsterdam?



A big part of vacationing in Amsterdam means experiencing the Amsterdam life. There are unconventional restaurants to try, many museums to learn from, parks to enjoy and relax in, bicycles to ride, canals to explore, and historical sites to see. This world famous city is one that gets nearly 18 million people visiting every single year, which is quite the number due to the fact that Amsterdam is home to just under 900,000 residents.


Things To Do With Kids

The list below includes some of the more fun, exciting and educational things to do with kids in Amsterdam.

Visit Vondelpark. This largest outdoor place in Amsterdam is a great place to let kids play, as there’s a large playground that exists here. Kids will also enjoy a picnic here, ride bikes through the park, and listen to open air concerts during the summer months.

Visit the Tuschinski Theater. This theater not only offers kid-friendly movies, they also offers tours of the entire theater. This spectacular theater offers special programs from time to time, making it a good idea for parents to check their website often to find out what is currently being offered at any given time.

Visit the Amsterdamse Bos. The Amsterdamse Bos is a large wooded park that offers lots of things to do for both parents and kids. Examples include exploring free play areas, walking its trails, swimming in its lake, paddling in its pools, renting a mini-boat, camping out, visiting its petting zoo, riding a vintage tram, and visiting the center of the park, which offers kids plenty of engaging and interactive exhibitions.

Take a Canal Boat Tour. There are a few different kid-friendly boat tours to take while in Amsterdam, making it so at least one will be the perfect choice. Examples of canal boat tour themes include pirates, pancakes, pizza, a basic city site tour, and a hop on hop off boat tour that allows visitors to sightsee at their leisure.

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