The Baths in Virgin Gorda

Thinking about booking your next vacation in the British Virgin Islands? A total of 60 islands are included in this gorgeous group of islands located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea. These islands offer travelers a variety of outdoor opportunities, including but not limited to sailing, diving, fishing and simply relaxing on the stunning beaches. While there are many fantastic attractions located in the British Virgin Islands for travelers to explore, one of the most spectacular attractions include the Baths, located in Virgin Gorda.

Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda is the third largest island located in the British Virgin Islands, with the entire island measures a little under 9 square miles. The natural beauty that exists here is to be seen to be believed. National Parks are in place to protect the indigenous plant life and animals, the nature sanctuaries offer educational experiences and the panoramic views will provide every visitor with spectacular views they will never forget. There are cool caves to explore, fun trails to hike, yacht clubs for those who want to travel the sea and luxury resorts and extravagant villas that allow for the best accommodations.

The Baths in Virgin Gorda

What Virgin Gorda is especially well-known for is The Baths, a very unique national park that should be included on every outdoor lovers bucket list! This must see attraction includes massive gray boulders in various sizes rising from the sea. While the huge, impressive boulders are a sight to see themselves, the caves and inlets they create for swimming, diving and exploring are truly magical. While it’s believed that these boulder formations are due to volcano eruptions of days past, the true reason behind the formation of these super exceptional sculptures is not known.

All ages will enjoy exploring The Baths. The shallow waters are perfect for families who want to enjoy a restful day by the beach, allowing little ones to splash in the clear blue waters or even do a little snorkeling. Teens and adults will enjoy climbing and crawling through the many paths and coves created by the huge boulders, following the shallow water passages as a rough guide.

Anytime of the year is a great time to visit the The Baths as the weather in the British Virgin Islands is always warm and inviting! Mid-December through mid-April is considered to be the busiest season for vacationers, so for those who are wanting a little more private time, they should consider visiting in other months.

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