Tbilisi, Georgia

Thinking about taking your next vacation in a place less traveled? If you’re a traveler who enjoys visiting places that are known for their friendly, welcoming people, then you should consider taking your next trip to the country of Georgia. Georgia is located in between Russia and Turkey, with a large portion of the country bordering the Black Sea. The country is full of a lot of cultural heritage, and finally found its independence in 1991.


Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia. The capital is loosely divided into old and new. Visiting Old Tbilisi allows vacationers to explore the historical part of the capital, which includes appreciating the historical buildings still standing from the 17th century. The maze of streets allow visitors to see the buildings up close. The Sioni Cathedral is one of the more impressive churches and therefore a must see.

The Weather. The best time to visit is during the spring or fall. While summer weather can get quite hot, this is the time when most vacationers choose to visit the city. Wintertime is always unpredictable, making it a good idea for travelers to keep this in mind if thinking about visiting during the cooler months.

The Culture. The overall culture of Tbilisi is one that is hospitable and friendly. The locals who live here treat visitors with respect, and enjoy the fact that so many people want to explore their city. The culture in Tbilisi is also one that supports creativity. That’s why there’s a lot of emphasis placed on art, painting, architecture, music, and fashion.

The Restaurant Scene. Georgian food includes both meat-based dishes and vegetable-based dishes. Some of the more popular food choices include Georgian Dumplings, Bean Soup, Grilled Kebabs, Georgian Cheese Bread, and Georgian Sweets

The Bathhouses. The thermal waters located here allow for both public and private bathhouses. The sulfurous water is said to be beneficial to the skin, as well as beneficial in treating certain health conditions, like asthma. Exfoliating massages are available, as well as plunge pools that make the perfect place to relax.

The Wine. Wine has been produced in Georgia for thousands of years. Wine is still being made in the traditional way, which makes the wine taste all that much better. More than half of the grapes grown here are distributed to other countries.

The Accommodations. There’s a wide variety of accommodations available, including luxury hotels, cozy cottages, romantic villa’s and cabins.

Walking is the most popular way to explore the city. Public transportation is also available and is quite easy to navigate. Vacationers should stay a minimum of three days when visiting, as there is so much to see and do in Tbilisi, Georgia.

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