Sagrada Familia, The World’s Largest Unfinished Church is Located in Barcelona

Are you someone who can appreciate a beautiful church? Then taking a trip to Barcelona to see the world’s largest unfinished church is a must! There are many beautiful churches located all over the world that are deemed to be a must-see when traveling, including the infamous church La Sagrada Familia. The fact that a large variety of architectural styles have been used over the years to build churches means that every church is going to have its own unique characteristics, making each and every one different from the next.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is home to some of the most beautiful churches in all the world. The rich culture found in Barcelona has led to some of the most masterful paintings being created as well as some of the most interesting and impressive architecture, including La Sagrada Familia.

Sagrada Familia, The World’s Largest Unfinished Church

La Sagrada Familia is located in Barcelona and was created by one of their most famous architects, Antoni Gaudi. One of the reasons why La Sagrada Familia is one of the world’s most famous churches is because it offers the ability for anyone to come in and express their spirituality, no matter what their denomination. Gaudi’s goal for building this church was to express his Christian beliefs through the beauty of architecture.

He designed the church to have 18 towers, each having their own special significance. Three facades were designed to represent the existence of Jesus Christ – his birth, his death and resurrection, and his current and future Glory. The sheer intimacy and depth of the meaning behind every single architectural construction makes the Sagrada Familia church one that will never disappoint those who come to view this architectural masterpiece close up.

Gaudi believed that color was an expression of life and that’s why he decided to add so many colorful elements into the structure. He also used lighting to highlight the many and various colors he used when building the church. The skylights, the Venetian glass used to design the stained-glass windows, the multicolored ceramic tiles, the various types of brick and stone used all make for impressive and dramatic colors to be enjoyed by visitors throughout the church.

Gaudi planned, designed and worked on the temple for 43 years until 1926, when he was killed in an unfortunate accident. La Sagrada Familia church is still unfinished to this day. Plans of having the church finished by 2026 are underway, which would be 100 years after Gaudi’s death.

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