Safety protocol while traveling overseas

travel makers mdNo matter where you travel to, you should do your best to stay as safe as possible. When you’re traveling overseas and dealing with new customs and laws and an unknown land, it’s even more important to know safety protocol.

Do your research. Learn about the destination where you are going before you get there. Check the State Department website to see if there are any warnings on the area. Be prepared before you go.

Keep informed: Register with the State Department when you travel so if something comes up in that country, the embassy knows where you are. Call 202-501-4444, which is the emergency assistance number for Americans in foreign countries.

Secure documents: Take care of your passport, birth certificates, itineraries, insurance information, and money and secure them in your carry on when you are traveling. Do not leave them unattended. Make sure your bank knows when you are traveling so if any unexpected charges come up they know to inform you. Make two photocopies of all your travel documents in case of emergency. Leave one at home in case something happens. Nowadays travelers make an electronic backup of everything and email it to themselves to have available.

Leave it home: Do you have a beautiful gold necklace that you want to take on vacation? Think twice about bringing it at all. All you need is someone targeting your flashy jewelry and ripping you off. If you do need to bring it with you, keep anything of value on you and in your carry on. If you have to check your bag unexpectedly make sure you know what’s in the bag before you pack it.

Obey the customs: Know the laws. Don’t have sex on a beach no matter how much you want to unless you know whether or not it can get you into trouble. No kidding. You’d be surprised.

Common sense: The most important piece of advice is to have common sense. Pay attention if something doesn’t feel right to you. Watch out for pickpocket thiefs and don’t make yourself a target by putting a wallet in your back pocket. Don’t walk in areas that aren’t safe and let someone know where you are going if you’re traveling by yourself.

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