How to entertain yourself on a long flight in economy class

What do you do when you’re on a flight for hours? Not everyone wants to sleep the time away. Here are 10 things you can do to keep yourself entertained on a long flight.

    1. Movies: download some to your tablet or computer. There may be some for rent on the plane, but it isn’t always reliable or they may not have something you’re interested in viewing. Instead, spend time at home before you leave and download your favorites and must-sees.
    2. Podcasts: There are thousands of podcasts to choose from, including Stuff You Should Know which is about exactly that, while The Truth is 10 to 20 minute stories. You Must Remember This is a must for classic film buffs, while Idle Thumbs is for the gamer in you. Again, download before you leave.
    3. Read: Delve into that book you’ve been meaning to read. Don’t want to carry a book or tablet with you? Buy a couple of magazines when you arrive at the airport. Read them on the flight and leave them for the next passenger. Buy a few new ones for your flight home.
    4. Puzzles: Jumbo puzzle books are a great way to keep your mind occupied and pass the time away. You can do crosswords, Sudoku, word finds and more.  Again, download a variety of puzzles, including The Room, or Four Letters.
    5. Write: Go old school and bring a notebook and pens. Start penning that book you always wanted to write, outline that script or just write to your dear old Aunt Fanny or Uncle Fred. Make grocery lists, to-do lists, or even your holiday shopping lists. You can also use the notebook to write about places you want to see or take notes on your flight and the people you meet.
    6. Draw: Prefer to draw than write? Relax and start sketching. You can draw the people you see on the plane or the aircraft.
    7. Color: There isn’t anything more popular than adult coloring books right now and a book and a small pack of coloring pencils are easy to carry around and a great way to spend your time.
    8. Learn: Take time to learn phrases in another language, especially if you’re heading to a foreign land.
    9. Clean: Take time to clean out old messages and photos on your phone or go through your files on your computer. Purge and organize. By the time you land, you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something.
    10. Talk: Some people do like to talk to others on a long flight. Give it a shot and strike up a conversation.

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