Hiking Zion National Park solo

Located near Springdale, Utah, Zion National Park is 229-square miles of stunning views, unusual plant and animal life and mountains, canyons, rivers and arches to explore. In other words, it’s a hiker’s dream.

The beautiful dramatic landscapes of Zion National Park have even been documented in great artworks around the world, from such artists as Frederick S. Dellenbaugh and Howard Russell Butler, whose works you can see at the Park’s museum after your hike where you will enjoy the Park’s wonder and beauty first-hand.

On Utah.com, the Zion National Park hiking map is creatively described as “a naughty geometry student’s desk after protractor unit.” There are all sorts of difficulties in the Park’s trails for beginners and those who are extremely experienced hikers. For beginners, Weeping Rock is an easy quarter mile hike and Riverside Walk is a 2.2 mile trek and both are a great to get started. Canyon Overlook is a moderate one-mile hike that is the shortest of the hikes that gets you to a viewpoint above the Canyon. For the (much) more experienced hiker, there is Angels Landing, a strenuous 5.4 mile walk with chains, guard-rails, and carved steps next to serious drop offs on both sides of the canyon, and the 9.4-mile Narrows Bottom Up hike.

Hiking solo has its advantages. You can hike at your own pace and enjoy the peaceful solitude. However, hiking solo can also have its disadvantages too. For safety reasons, if something happens – you can slip and fall and get hurt, for example, you are alone. If hiking solo appeals to you, make sure that you notify someone where you are going, what hike(s) you are taking and when you plan on returning. Should something happen, this is a good start to try and find you.

There are park rangers in Zion and they are there to help you, so if you think you may be in trouble for whatever reason, do not hesitate to ask for help before a situation becomes worse. Make sure you also stick with trails that you can accomplish. If you’ve never hiked before, this may not be the time to try and tackle a strenuous hike. Instead try an easy or moderate hike and attempt the harder ones with a partner.

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