Exploring the Snake River

Thinking about taking your next vacation in one or more of the northwestern states? Or maybe you’re thinking about basing your next vacation entirely around a certain river? The Snake River is a little more than 1000 miles long and runs right through Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, making it the largest river in the northwestern part of the United States.

Exploring the Snake River

The Snake River begins in Wyoming, where it starts out as a small river out of Jackson Lake. It winds its way into Idaho, where it begins to widen. It then flows into Oregon until it reaches Hells Canyon, where it winds its way northward to Washington, where it’s also known as the Columbia River. It eventually reaches Southern Idaho, which offers some of the best river vacations and most gorgeous waterfalls in all the U.S.

This impressive river was formed due to a volcanic hotspot and was once called the Lewis River. Why is it now called the Snake River? Long ago when pioneer’s were exploring the area they asked the indigenous people for the name of the river. Confusing hand signals led the pioneers to believe that the indigenous people were saying snakes vs. fish. Ever since, the Lewis River has been called the Snake River.

This river not only plays a very important role in the ecosystem, it also offers travelers the ability to partake in a variety of fun water-based recreational sports, like rafting, fishing, and kayaking. This makes booking a vacation on the Snake River an especially great choice for those who enjoy the outdoors, green travelers, and those who enjoy participating in water-based activities. Those traveling in groups, solo travelers and families will all thoroughly enjoy all that this U.S. based river vacation has to offer.

There are plenty of tours available, so depending on which state you decide to vacation in while exploring the Snake River will determine what you get to do, as well as what kind of local sites you’ll get to see. For example, river tours that travel through the Grand Teton National Park are absolutely spectacular and offer the most stunning views. Jackson Hole, Wyoming offers trips through a part of the river that contains rapids, a great choice for those who love daring adventure.

There are numerous types of accommodations located along the river, including cozy log cabins, private bungalows, private luxury homes for rent, guesthouses, retreat centers, campers, farms, and private rooms.

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