Craft Beer Scene in Boise Idaho

Are you someone who appreciates a good craft beer? Craft beers are beers that are not brewed by one of the big beer brewing companies, and instead are brewed by smaller, independent craft brewers. A few of today’s top craft beer brands include Blue Moon, Stone, All Day IPA, Goose Island, Bell’s, Sierra Nevada, and Shiner.

Craft Beer Scenes

Some of the more popular destinations for craft beer scenes include Denver, Portland, Sacramento, Chicago, Austin, and Boise. When attending a festival focused on all things related to craft beer, there’s a few things to keep in mind that can make the day all that much more enjoyable! Suggestions include buying a VIP pass, making a list of must-see vendors, eating throughout the day, and taking the time to learn from any particular brewery.

Craft Beer Scene in Boise Idaho

Did you know that Boise is known has recently been called of the world’s top 10 beer destinations? The Gem State is quickly becoming a top craft beer destination, which may have something to do with the fact that it’s now the largest producer of barley and the second largest producer of hops in the United States. And because there are many exceptional breweries now in Boise that are in close location to each other, it makes it easy to set up by a craft beer scene in Boise.

But wait, there’s more! There are also a variety of beer bars and bottle shops in the area. Every beer bar offers their own unique craft beers, making it so that there are even more choices for sampling and consuming craft beers. And the bottle shops are more than just a place to buy beer, as many now also offer consumers the ability to sample one or more of their craft beer choices.

The beer scene in Boise also takes steps to make their beer scene stands out from the rest. Those who attend can now get their pour directly from a barrel, and even taste different yeast strains as brewery demonstrators perform live canning demonstrations. Pretty cool, right?

Today, there are many festivals for craft beer lovers to attend, with some lasting multiple days. The purpose of these festivals is to promote and highlight those who are involved in the craft beer scene, which is easy to do as the growing Boise beer community shows no signs of slowing down. Since Boise’s goal is to offer a wide variety of craft beers so that there’s something for everyone, this is a must-attend event!

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