Christmas 2018 Driving Tips – When Should I Leave?

When I should I leave if I’m driving for Christmas? Well, Travel Makers is here today to fill you in on the best times to leave if you’re driving somewhere for Christmas 😊 It’s bound to be a difficult travel season, but if you follow these tips, it might just be a little more bearable!


  1. It really depends on where you live.

While there will be travelers from out of state, the worst times to travel are still around your city’s particular commute times. In Atlanta, for example, between 3 and 4 PM is the worst time to leave. In Los Angeles, however, the worst time to start your trip is between 2:30 and 3:30 PM. That said, if you’re not leaving very early in the morning, 6 AM or earlier, you’re going to run into traffic, especially on Thursday the 20th through Sunday the 23rd. According to some estimates, people in the tristate area can expect travel times TRIPLE the average.

  1. Check the weather!

While most of the states look like they’re going to have clear weather for those traveling during the Christmas season, there are some states that, at the time of writing, will have less-than-ideal weather. Parts of the Pacific Northwest, including Washington State and Oregon are forecasted to have a storm system come through over the weekend that will worsen and road or air travel. Likewise, Florida’s forecast will make it difficult for travelers there. Parts of  Illinois, Indiana, and southern Wisconsin are also forecasted to have sleet and rain during the Christmas travel weekend. Check the forecast for your starting area, where the trip ends, and anywhere you have to drive through in between and make sure you’re prepared!

  1. Be prepared for worse-than-normal traffic this holiday season.

Although it seems like AAA says this ever holiday season, they have forecasted that more Americans will travel by car this Christmas than ever before. They claim that over 102.1 million (1/3 of the US population!) will travel by car. No matter where you are, this means that the roads will be more clogged than you may expect, so make sure to leave plenty of extra time to get to your destination.


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Christmas 2018 Driving Tips – When Should I Leave?