Advantages of Traveling Solo

For some, it’s hard to fathom why someone would want to travel solo. After all, isn’t it more fun to share the experience with someone else? Of course traveling with a partner has its own rewards, but hitting the open road or exploring a new destination all by yourself has its benefits too!

It’s all about you! One problem that occurs when traveling with family, friends, or romantic partners is that you have more people that you have to cater to. For example, you have to find places to eat that will have something to satisfy everyone, which can be a battle, especially if any of your travelers are picky eaters. You also need to find places to go that will interest everyone, and make sure everyone gets to see and do what they want to see or do. When you’re traveling alone, the only person to cater to is…well, you! No arguing about where to eat, or stay, or go! It’s all about what you want to do.

Money saver. Planning out the finances for any trip can be difficult. Will the costs be split 50/50? Who pays for gas? Who pays for food? If you take the solo route, you’re the only one you have to pay for. While splitting some costs, like gas or sharing hotel fees can save you money, some costs can add up if you’re paying for others. You can also save money by buying travel-sized supplies and food for one instead of more.

A much-needed break. As much as we love our family, friends, and partners, sometimes we all need a break. Fights, disagreements, stress, and simply too much time around each other can leave us burned out. It can be nice and refreshing to get away from the familiar. Taking a trip alone can allow us to clear our minds, take a step away, and appreciate a moment just to ourselves. Then, once we have enjoyed our vacation and/or traveling, we can appreciate what we have at home even more.

Time for self-growth. Even if you live alone, there is something rewarding about going somewhere new where you have to rely completely on yourself. You now have to be self-sufficient with little backup from home. You have to come prepared and be prepared for anything. Time to travel by yourself can allow you to reflect on your life, have some quiet time for thinking, and create some useful life lessons from your experiences.

Travel Makers MD