Why You Should Use a Travel Agent

Why use a travel agent

Think about the last time you had to go on a trip. Whether it was for business or for pleasure there was likely a lot of planning involved on your end. As a travel agent this post may come off as self-serving, but with that fact aside, here are just a few reasons why you should consider using a travel agent for your next trip:

A travel agent does all the work for you: That planning I mentioned a moment ago, yep- that could have been avoided. When you use a travel agent all you really need is to tell them where you want to go and when and they take care of the rest. Not sure where you want to go? No problem! A travel agent can ask you questions that you might not have even thought of to help you determine the perfect destination that fits your needs, wants and your budget. Speaking of budget…

A travel agent can help you stick to your budget: Contrary to popular belief not all agents are out there to stick it to you with unnecessary hidden fees. Oh, and by the way, those online travel sites aren’t fee free! Sites like Expedia have fees for their services in the fine print of every transaction they do! Good travel agents will price match as well.

A travel agent is working for you: When you hire a travel agent you have someone in your corner. If anything goes wrong on your trip you can call them and they will do everything in their power to right those wrongs! Some of those online travel sites will send you to an automated customer service system or worse they will connect you to an outsourced agent that will tell you there is nothing they can do on their end leaving you to simply suffer with your inconveniences.

Have I convinced you that you need to hire a travel agent for your future travel needs? If so, give Travel Makers a call at (410) 838-0474 or toll free at (800) 379-5552 and let’s start planning your next trip today!

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