Why You Should Get Third Party Travel Insurance

why you need third party travel insurance

Scary thought- accidents do happen and when they do one of the first things that comes to mind after we make sure our loved ones are alright is the costs associated with the accident. When an accident occurs on vacation these costs can be astronomical! For your next vacation or business trip you should make sure to purchase third party travel insurance.

What exactly is third party travel insurance? Third party travel insurance is an insurance plan purchased independent of the hotels you may stay in, the cruise ship you may be on and the transportation you may use to get to and around your destination. What your travel insurance covers depends on the plan you choose.

There is an insurance plan included in the price of my cruise/resort; isn’t that enough? Not always. Consider this- if you are on a cruise and get hurt the insurance plan included with the ticket price will likely only get you basic care and the fine print might only get you to the nearest hospital. This typically won’t pay for your fees to get home, and likely won’t cover the costs to get you to a better care facility if you need it.

What if you need to cancel your trip? You could be covered if there is an emergency or you simply decide you don’t want to go on the trip anymore. Some plans protect you for a percentage or even the full purchase price of your trip (less the insurance cost of course) for any reason that you might not be able to travel. Sure, some airlines will let you exchange your tickets and some hotels will let you change your reservation in the event of an emergency, but it’s not guaranteed and you may incur a substantial fee. By insuring yourself ahead of time you give yourself the peace of mind that if you can’t go through with your travel plans your investment is protected.

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