Summer Vacation Spots to Beat the Heat

Getting ready to plan your summer vacation? Summertime is indeed one of the more popular times for planning vacations, which is completely understandable. The majority of travelers who are looking to book a summertime vacation are often looking for the best beaches, the best tropical jungles, the best summer cruises, etc. to take advantage of the summer heat. These travelers are looking for the best summer vacation spots that represent everything that summer is all about – relaxing heat, cool water, summer-related activities.

But not all travelers are looking to take a summer vacation in one of the many popular summer vacation hot spots available. Instead, these travelers are looking to take their summer vacation somewhere where they can beat the heat!

Top 3 Summer Vacation Spots to Beat the Heat

The following are three of the top summer vacation spots for vacationers who are looking to beat the heat.


  1. San Francisco, California. San Francisco is a fantastic summer vacation spot, with temperatures in July and August that average around 71°. Some of the more popular attractions in San Francisco include Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Monterey Peninsula, Fisherman’s Wharf, and the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company. San Francisco is also known for its wine country, with some of the more popular wine tours available in Sonoma and Napa Valley.


  1. Prince Edward Island, Canada. Average temperatures in Prince Edward Island are right around 73° during summer, a perfect temperature for exploring the natural beauty on this Canadian Island. There are nearly 700 miles of beautiful beaches so finding a private area to enjoy is never a problem. Travelers will love relaxing on the beach, canoeing, kayaking fishing and even parasailing on this pristine island during the day. At night, there are a number of clubs and restaurant’s available for having some adult fun. Family fun can be had at the Shining Waters Family Fun Park.


  1. Chena Hot Springs Resort, Alaska. Chena Hot Springs Resort is about an hour’s drive away from Fairbanks and is well-known for its healing mineral waters. Summertime here means warm, dry and breezy weather, which is perfect for travelers you enjoy boating, fishing and other outdoor activities. Tours are available of the area, including a renewable energy tour and a working dog mushing kennel. A trip to the Aurora Ice Museum is a must and was once the only ice hotel located in North America.

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