Spring Break in Panama


One of the most exciting times for a student is that glorious time in March when school is the last thing on your mind. Ah Spring Break. If only Spring Break existed after college, but that’s for another post. When looking for a place to visit for Spring Break many students, hundreds of thousands in fact, flock to the sunny shores of Panama. The 27 miles of sugar sand beaches, the nightlife and the warm weather are just a few reasons that Panama City Beach has been nicknamed the “Spring Break Capital of the World” by several travel sites and guides.

Panama by day: If lying on the beach doesn’t tickle your fancy there’s swimming with dolphins, jet skiing, parasailing or you could even charter a boat and go deep sea fishing. Don’t forget the sunscreen though because nothing ruins spring break faster than a sunburn!

During spring break there are often parties a plenty too. Have you mastered beer pong yet? If not, you better learn fast!

For lunch you have lots of options that range from seafood to Mexican to Italian to, well pretty much any food you could think of. The beauty of Florida is it is filled with so many different cultures that there is literally a restaurant for every taste there.

Panama by night: The party keeps going after the sun goes down. Actually, sundown is generally when the party ramps up! Hope you took a nap at some point during the day because your night will be filled with dancing at the hottest clubs, special spring break parties and bikini contests. Panama is also home to Club La Vela – the largest nightclub in the USA and the epicenter of spring break.

Of course you’ll need to eat a good dinner to have enough energy to get through the wild night and like I mentioned for lunch- you won’t find a shortage of options of places to grab some grub.

Have you ever been to Panama City Beach for spring break? If you remember it, how was the trip?

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Image Courtesy of: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:PanamaCityBeachSpringBreak06.JPG