Natural Plunge Pools in Colombia: Quebrada Las Gachas

Always looking for your next great traveling adventure? Enjoy exploring off the beaten track places? Then it just may be time for you to discover the natural plunge pools located in Guadalupe, Columbia.

Guadalupe, Colombia

The small village of Guadalupe is starting to become somewhat of a tourism hot spot as more and more travelers learn about this hidden faraway valley surrounded by beautiful forest. There are roughly 1600 people who live in Guadalupe, a village whose economy is for the most part based on agriculture and livestock. The natural beauty is impressive here, with all of the rivers, waterfalls and caves that are just beckoning to be fully explored.

Quebrada Las Gachas aka Red River

The Quebrada Las Gachas is a beautiful small red river that flows through the area, and is located about two and half miles from the village of Guadalupe. Why is it called the red river? Because of the oxide existing in the rocks, allowing for a unique and gorgeous river color. But the main reason why people from all over the world are starting to frequent this area is because there are natural plunge pools located in certain parts of the river, which come in different sizes, shapes and depths.

Natural Plunge Pools

The natural plunge pools found here will be enjoyed by any age. The deeper waters are clear and cool, while the shallower waters tend to hold the heat of the sun making them invitingly warm. Entire families and large groups of friends can easily fit in the larger pools, which makes for a fantastic social media picture! Couples can find smaller pools to hang out in, allowing for a little romantic time. Children will enjoy playing in the mini pools. Spending the whole day here is recommended, with many people choosing to stay two or three days.

Many people claim that the flow of the river gently massages them as they relax after a long day’s hike, hence the reason why the pools are commonly called natural Jacuzzis. The entire scene is one that is truly authentic, which means that everyone who chooses to come here will never be disappointed.

For further adventure, travelers can walk towards the end of the plunge pool area. The river waters flow down into a cave, and by walking through a natural tunnel travelers will find themselves ending up at a gorgeous waterfall.

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Natural Plunge Pools in Colombia: Quebrada Las Gachas