How to Re-Register for the New Global Entry Website

The Department of Homeland Security has updated their website for managing Global Entry, making it necessary for existing members to re-register with the new website as soon as possible. The new website has been specifically designed to be easier to use, which will allow users to better navigate through the website when looking for certain information.


How to Re-Register for the New Global Entry Website

Travelers are going to need to reapply for the new and improved Trusted Traveler Programs website, which will now allow for much quicker processing for those traveling into the United States. It’s necessary for travelers to be preapproved for the program, which means that they must be considered to be a low risk in order to be approved for this expedited process to come into the United States.


The entire reregistering process will only take about 15 minutes for members to complete. Current members will need to have their PASSID or their membership number available in order to start the reregistering process.


Step #1: Go to and click on the button that says “I’m already a program member.”


Step #2: Click on the button that says “manage my membership” and then click again on the “consent and continue” button.


Step #3: Carefully look over the information and then click continue again to be taken to, where an account must be created. Click on the “create an account” button, into your email address and then click on the “submit’ button. Once the email address is confirmed a strong password should be made.


Step #4: Once the account has been created you will be redirected back to the TTP website where you’ll need to enter your personal information and your PASSID or FAST ID.


Step #5: Upon acceptance of this information, the process for reregistering on the new Global Entry website is now completed.


Good to Know

Those who had started and never completed an application in the old website will not need to reregister as incomplete applications are deleted. Instead, they will need to register as a first time user on the new website.

Every time someone signs into their new account they will need to be authenticated, which is done by sending a security code to their phone. Only when the code is verified by entering it into the website is someone allowed to sign into the new website.

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How to Re-Register for the New Global Entry Website