Best Honeymoon Destinations to Visit During Hurricane Season

Booking your honeymoon during hurricane season? There’s a good chance that you will as hurricane season starts in June and doesn’t end until November. If you’re wanting to book your honeymoon destination during these months, it’s definitely best to choose a destination that isn’t likely to be hit with a hurricane. Or at the very least, a destination that is much less prone to hurricane weather.

The Caribbean and Florida, along with other states that border the Gulf of Mexico, are located inside the hurricane belt and for that reason are often avoided by travelers during hurricane season.

Best Honeymoon Destinations

So what are some of the best honeymoon destinations to visit during hurricane season?

The following list of honeymoon destinations are absolutely amazing and tend to experience good weather year round.

  • Hawaii. Because Hawaii includes several islands newlywed couples are able to choose to honeymoon in one or more of the Hawaiian Islands. The weather in Hawaii is almost perfect year round.
  • The Greek Islands. The Greek Islands are a top honeymoon choice due to the unbelievable beauty that exists here. The culture, the delicious food, the red sand beaches and much more make this island destination truly memorable. The weather in the Greek Islands is nearly perfect all year long.
  • Aruba. While Aruba is located in the Caribbean, it’s not included inside the hurricane belt making it a great honeymoon option. Aruba is a small resort island that can offer newlyweds the time of their life with its fabulous beaches and super fun nightlife. The weather in Aruba is nearly perfect throughout the entire year.
  • Brazil. Newlywed couples who love partying and participating in a lot of extreme adventures will love honeymooning in Brazil. Rio De Janeiro is a top choice, where the weather is nearly perfect all year.
  • European. There are several European destinations that can make for an absolute spectacular honeymoon! Portugal has sunny beaches and romantic castles, Finland offers Northern Lights and cross country skiing, Monaco offers exquisite views and luxury accommodations. The weather in Europe is on the milder side, offering visitors cool weather traveling experiences.


Travel Insurance

One of the best things you can do when deciding to book your honeymoon destination during hurricane season is to buy travel insurance, just in case. Buying travel insurance also buys you peace of mind, which means if you do happen to be caught up in a hurricane situation there’s no need for you to be concerned about any additional expenses as they’ll be covered.

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