Alternative Sources to Pay for Your Honeymoon


There’s no denying that honeymoons can be expensive. In some cases they can cost upwards of $3,000- $5,000 or more just for a modest week-long getaway. Add in fancy destinations and luxury accommodations and that number can climb even higher. Because of these skyrocketing prices more and more couples are seeking out alternative sources to pay for their honeymoon. Here are four places you could look for your honeymoon dollars:

Ask your parents, your spouse’s parents or both to pony up the dough. Most brides and grooms are paying for their own weddings these days, but often times the parents still want to chip in somehow. You could bring it up to your parents that you want to take a honeymoon to a specific destination and have them pay for it.

Have your wedding guests foot the bill. Not only are couples paying for their own weddings, in many cases they are either combining two residences or have been living together already. Thanks to this the odds of needing a set of dishes or a new toaster are significantly slimmer rendering a registry all but useless. Instead of a wedding registered at Macy’s or Target, why not register your honeymoon with Travel Makers and have your guests buy your trip? They can give us much or as little as they like towards your bill!

Look in your homes for the money. Do you remember a moment ago how I mentioned couples combing residences? Well, odds are you will be getting rid of a lot of the superfluous stuff. Why not sell that stuff and use the money towards your honeymoon? In fact, even if you have already been living together there’s probably loads of stuff sitting around your place that you don’t use anymore that you could sell for your honeymoon fund.

Finally, the money could be hiding within a hobby or skill you have. Perhaps you have a knack for painting or singing. Could you sell some of your work to come up with the money? You never know until you try, right?


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Do you have any ideas for additional revenue sources for honeymoons? Leave a comment and tell us about it!