Traveling after College


This post will seem controversial to some people, but that’s okay because it’s something I think will resonate with many people. To all those students that will be graduating from college this year- I’d like to make a suggestion. Before you secure your full time job, take some time to travel! Here are 5 reasons now is the best time to do it:

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Spring Break in Panama


One of the most exciting times for a student is that glorious time in March when school is the last thing on your mind. Ah Spring Break. If only Spring Break existed after college, but that’s for another post. When looking for a place to visit for Spring Break many students, hundreds of thousands in fact, flock to the sunny shores of Panama. The 27 miles of sugar sand beaches, the nightlife and the warm weather are just a few reasons that Panama City Beach has been nicknamed the “Spring Break Capital of the World” by several travel sites and guides.

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Performing at Walt Disney World

Have you ever been to Walt Disney World? If you have, then you know that the productions at Walt Disney World parks are some of the most top-notch entertainment experiences in the industry. The music, the sites, the sounds! They are just incredible. You may have even caught yourself wondering how you could get your kid into one of those amazing shows. If that’s the case, you are in luck, because you can!

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School Group Trips

One of the services we offer here at Travel Makers is travel coordination for school groups. Whether you and your students have decided its time for an educational trip to the White House or an end of year celebratory trip to the Big Apple to see the Statue of Liberty, Travel Makers can assist you with all of your travel needs including flights, hotels, transportation and more.

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